4 Ways to Have Faith that Moves Mountains

What is faith? It is to believe in the unseen and take action on the unseen. This is not about religion, it is about your relationship with Source, Universe, Creator, what it is to you. It is also about your relationship with yourself.

Faith is like a muscle that we exercise to become stronger and stronger. The more you practice without fail, no matter what happens, the more your world will become what you desire.

You have to train your brain to adopt and integrate a whole new paradigm. That takes practice and commitment. However, the rewards of enjoying a blissful relationship with the Divine and creating the life you desire for real, is absolutely worth it.

Thing is, most people are lazy to put in the effort. And your ego-mind loves to keep you in the same space, albeit it miserable. Even misery becomes a comfort zone.

What you energize, manifests. It is all about what you choose to focus on and give power to.

Practicing Faith is to choose to energize what you desire. Note, that I did not say want as the term ‘want’ indicates lack and because everything you desire is already here, you lack nothing. It’s a good idea to remove this word from your vocabulary.

There is no doubt that as humans we have an inherent urge to expand our quality of life with more money, a better job, home, etc. The list is never ending. As we expand, so does the Universe. As we satisfy one desire another one surfaces. This is how we express ourselves and through expressing ourselves, we also become an expression of Source.

Our desire to create more is never done. There is no arrival, no destination. In fact, when we do cease to create, what many people call retirement, the process is reversed and our life begins to shrink until we end up where we started life.

It’s implied that what we desire is not visible yet and this is where faith comes in. It is to believe without a doubt that what you desire is on its way. It is to BE the You who have it already. This is key, because you attract what you ARE.

Here are 4 Ways to Practice Faith.

Know what you Desire.
This is a pre-requisite of manifesting what you desire. You have to be able to make a clear image of it in your mind. If you are new to consciously co-creating with the Divine, chunk your desires to the size that you believe is a stretch, but doable. The idea is to set yourself up to succeed at manifesting.

Very important here is to claim it, make a conscious decision and commitment to create your desire.

Create the Grandest Version of Yourself

It is a fact that you Be, Do and Have everything in your life according to how you see yourself. In order to manifest whatever you desire, you first have to become the person who would have it. You have to see yourself being, doing and having what you desire.

This is because the energy of how you see yourself determines how you think, feel, speak and act. The energy of what you desire and where you are now are on different frequencies.

So it is your job to choose your thoughts, feelings, words and actions to be of the same energy as the thing you wish to create.

Ask: Who would I BE when I have everything I desire?

What are the thoughts that would fill your mind? For example:

What I desire is already here.
All is good. All is well.
Thank you that what I desire is on its way.
Thank you for….
It’s so easy to create what I desire.
I am the co-creator of the life of my dreams.

What are the beliefs you have about yourself? For example:

I believe that I am worthy and more than good enough.
I believe that I am perfect just as I am now.
I believe that what I offer is valuable.
I believe that everything always works out for me.
I believe that I am loved, supported and provided for by Source.
I believe that my supply is umlimited.

As you are thinking these thoughts and beliefs, what emotions do you experience? For example:

Confident expectation that what you desire is on its way.
Trust in the Unknown as your Friend of Possibility.
Gratitude for everything you have.

Step into Your New Way of Being
Hold the vision of what you desire in your mind and step into your new way of being. See yourself being, doing and having what you desire through your own eyes and feel it fully. Give thanks for having it already. Be open to receive messages on what action to take to accept your desire.

Practice Gratitude
Gratitude is like a magnet, pulling in what you give thanks for. It is no fallacy that the more you are thankful for what you have and for what is not seen yet, the more and quicker it will appear in your life.

Here is where many give up, because they don’t see it quick enough and focus on their circumstances rather than the vision of what they desire.

Know that You Are Not Alone
You are not alone in creating your desires. Your Desires come from Source and you are co-creating them and making them real in partnership with the Divine.

When we experience fear disguised as uncertainty, we feel separated from Source and it is then that doubt creeps in.

Let Go of Fear
As humans we have so many fears. Fear of scarcity, rejection, not being good enough, to name a few. However, know that every fear is based on an assumption.

Make it your priority to become aware when you start having thoughts of doubt and fear to immediately nip them in the bud before they gain momentum.

Immediately declare: This is a false assumption. I don’t buy that anymore. I believe in… (the opposite of the assumption.)

Embody the feeling of the opposite of the assumption and take action from there.

You are bound to have these thoughts come up over and over again and your job is to negate them over and over again.


Faith is a practice where you:
Know what you desire
Claim it
Train your brain to focus on what you desire
Believe that it is already here and on its way to you
Embody the experience of having it
Give thanks that you receive it
See it show up in your life.

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Dina Marais

Dina Marais


Dina is the founder of Soul Purpose Publishing and Coaching. She coaches entrepreneurs to manifest their dream life & business & to become bestselling authors.